Expo a reminder, BBB not a ‘one-size fits all’

By Dale Dixon/ president

I just took a walk through a business expo in downtown Boise. I enjoy the conversations with business owners – especially those who have earned enough trust in the community to be a part of Better Business Bureau. Those who aren’t part of BBB have a way of making me feel like a piece of raw meat dangling just within reach of several intense dogs. Ruff.

Mostly, it’s small talk. I’ll ask, “How’s show traffic?” and get the response, “Ok, but not great.” “What are you seeing in your industry?” Often, with a smile: “Oh, things are getting better. Definitely looking up!”

Andy Krivy with Infinity Signs spotted me walking down one of the aisles and called me over. He explained the timing was perfect to run into me because his BBB dues were due next month. “You know, people from leads groups, chambers and business groups ask me, ‘What’s the BBB doing to grow your business?,’ and I’m wondering what the answer is.” Andy asked the question more like a statement, so I encouraged him to talk.

Andy went on to explain that he was part of BBB to tell people that he believes in doing business with ethics and integrity. I told Andy I agreed, (enthusiastically)!

BBB isn’t a chamber, a leads group or business marketing club. Why would we compete in that crowded space! For one hundred years, BBB has been the preeminent trust builder. Check it out.

I’m the first to tell people that BBB isn’t for every business. It’s an exclusive organization. Only businesses that meet BBB’s Standards for Trust to advertise honestly, tell the truth, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive, safeguard privacy and embody integrity are invited. Then, only when the company signs an agreement promising to be held accountable to those standards can it display the BBB Accredited Business trust mark.

It takes an incredibly savvy business owner to realize there’s so much more at stake than, “What’s BBB doing to grow my business?”

Ethical businesses that seize the accountability factor BBB provides grow deeper, more meaningful (read that profitable) relationships with existing customers and create a defining differentiating factor for potential customers. In fact, when those customers are presented the choice between a BBB Accredited business and a non-accredited business, they go for the Accredited business. A Princeton study proves it.

Andy gets it. If you get it and have the reputation to go along with your business savvy, it’s time you join BBB.


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