BBB board meets in Boise

By Robb Hicken/ Chief Storyteller

Scott Madison, 2012 chairman of the Board thanking Neal Custer, 2012 past chair for his years supporting the BBB (2006 - 2012) as BBB leadership with 3 years served on advisory council - so total years - 2003 - 2012.

From across the state, the board of directors traveled to Boise to learn about BBB procedures,  look over the budget, and hear staff reports.

During the meeting, new members we install and leadership took over. Scott Madison, 2012 chairman took over from Neal Custer who has served on the board since 2003, and as chair this past year. Neal, who owns the Custer Agency, has been a board members and worked on the advisory council. Madison, with Intermountain Gas Company, has been on the board since 2007.

BBB CEO/President Dale Dixon made a couple of presentations including and Locate Express. They were also updated on the New Business Associate program.

Located Express, a joint venture with Doug Joseph, is an instantaneous response system that will give BBB service providers quick response time to service calls. The system works off a GPS that calls BBB accredited businesses immediately when someone requests a bid or service. The system, approved by the board, is in its beta test stages, and BBB is conducting some seminars to gather accredited business information for the system.

They were also told of the development. With the switch to multi-market programming, BBB is developing a website to host “Business at its Best” programs from the past three years, as well as programs to be produced by KTVB.

“It only makes sense that we have people coming to BBB when they want to find information they saw in one of our programs,” Dixon says. will then incur the get the visit, but the click will go to YouTube where the videos are hosted.

There was also discussion about the shift in broadcasting to Boise, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls. Program decisions are still being discussed, but we should be airing on three different stations in February.

Other developments discussed included board responsibilities, financial statements and goals.


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