Year’s first training session brings SCORE to BBB offices

By Robb Hicken/ Chief Storyteller

If you’re reading this, it means you’re tuned into the marketing strategy of the BBB.

At right, Norm Beckert of SCORE talks during the first NBA program at the BBB offices on Thursday.

We invited Norm Beckert, district director for SCORE, to show New Business Associates why marketing is so important in starting up.

“Marketing is getting people to do business with you,” Beckert told the group of about 20 people who showed up at the BBB offices . “Stated another way: getting people to change their minds.”

I was a great opportunity to hear seasoned veterans talk about the urgency small businesses should feel when it comes to getting the word out – services, products and such – in order to get people to come into their stores, offices or shops.

Jason Billester, VP of new member development, says the program isn’t for just new businesses.

“It’s designed to help them overcome the challenges and issues they face as they build their businesses,” he said.

NBA is open to any new business – those from one-day-old to a year. To hear him talk about it, it’s about learning, networking and training. Already on the calendar is a seminar on “The impact of health care reform on your business.”

These seminars run throughout the year. They’re free, and helpful.


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