What we hear back from our columns

Robb Hicken, chief storyteller, had a column printed in the Idaho Statesman about a woman who had been hounded by an out-of-state collection agent who threatened her. In response to that we received the following:

I saw your article today about debt collectors, which prompted the thought that maybe you could give us further advice on debt.

My son is 26 yrs old. Like many of our youth, he started drinking at a
young age and has spent many years drinking and making mistakes with
his life.
Seven months ago, he asked for treatment and went to a great inpatient
rehab center. He has been sober for 7 months and his life is looking
up. He is a new person. He is making good progress in restarting his
life and making good decisions.
He has about 3-4 thousand in old debt (medical, payday loans, utility,
etc). He is now taking responsibility for the “wreckage” he has
created in his drinking years and wants to take care of any debt.
We have heard that he needs to careful about paying off debt CORRECTLY
so he wants to be smart about the process of doing this. Is there
someone we can come in and talk to? He would like specific advice on
how to approach paying off his debts.

thanks, Marsha

We provided her with a list of accredited businesses that do debt/credit counseling from our Trusted Business Directory.


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